FM radio circuit

This is the simple electric fish shocker circuit or fish stunner. It helps in catching fish easier.

It uses a 12V battery to convert to 220V AC or 110VAC.

We use few parts so easy and cheap.

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How it works

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How it works

This circuit converts voltage from 12V battery to AC 220 volts. Both transistors will alternately work ON and OFF.

Because the above phase of the transformer has the same phase as below there.

Electric fish shocker circuit

For example, the top transistor conducts current first.

Then, the voltage from 12 volts will be sent to the center trap OV to go to the up terminal.

It makes the center is positive and up terminal is negative. And other of the 12V terminal is also negative.

Then, the negative voltage below the terminal. So, make lead B of all the above transistors is bias current.

When the above transistors stop conduct current. The magnetic field collapses causing a reverse-phase induction center to be negative.

The positive terminal is 12 volts.

Next, the positive voltage will flow to R to bias lead B of the below transistor (Q1, Q2).

It causes it switches to connect the circuit.

And then induction the 12V to the coil of the lower switch like this forever.

How to builds

Look at the circuit diagram above. We use:

the 12-0-12 volts, 3A transformer = 1 pcs. (the general power transformer)

Then, bring the 2N3055 transistor to screw at the large heat sink.

Next, connect R-470 ohms, C-0.1uF, and Diode-1N4007 as Figure circuit.

You may use the universal board and connect the battery to input.

And the output to wires into the prongs to shock the fish.

The current that will flow from the second terminal of the wire determines the cause of the shorting it.

It does not shock me. Because it does not a full circuit. Unless you hold both ends only.

Let the fish cook delicious things from this project.

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